What is your role with Band of Boys?
Logistics and Customer Experience
Tell us a bit about how you came to work at Band of Boys?
Started in 2019 - no real story here!
Take us through what a typical day for you looks like?
Answering emails, picking packing and sending orders, processing any indent / wholesale orders and anything else required of me.

What is your all-time favourite item by Band of Boys? 
Ohhhh the Winter Maroon panther crew jumper - I even have one for myself!

What is your favourite part of your job?
The team

Winter or Summer season? Which do you prefer?
Summer because it’s not a nightmare making it fit into boxes 😊

What is life like outside of Band of boys?
I’m also a nanny and a marriage celebrant

Tell us something people may not know about Band of Boys?
We work out of the same building as as a fishing supplies business so most of the conversations that go on around me are about fishing 😊