5 fashion trends for kids for Autumn/Winter 2023 that we’re loving.

1. Bold Colours and Prints:

Bright and bold colours like neon and pastel shades, along with fun and quirky prints, are making a big impact in kids’ fashion. From graphic t-shirts to printed pants, kids can make a statement with their wardrobe.




 2. Comfort Wear:
Comfort is key when it comes to kids’ fashion. Soft, cosy, and flexible materials like cotton, sweatshirt fabric, and stretchy leggings are popular. Styles like oversized hoodies, joggers, and sweatpants are must-haves.
3. Sustainable and Ethical:

Eco-conscious parents are looking for environmentally friendly and ethically made clothing for their kids. Organic cotton, recycled materials, and fair labour practices are becoming an expectation – we need do what we can to look after the future of our environment for our minis.
4 . Streetwear:

Streetwear is still a big influence in kids’ fashion, with brands helping to inspire younger generations. Bold logos, oversized tops, and unique accessories are all part of the streetwear look. Hello cool patches and embroidery – it’s your time to shine!

5. Accessorising:
Kids’ accessories are becoming a must-have for completing any look. From hair accessories, beanies and hats, to matching sock sets, kids can express their personal style through their accessories.