At Band of Boys + The Girl Club, we're passionate about promoting kindness, self-expression, and confidence, while making a positive impact on others. We believe that every child should not only have access to new, seasonal clothing but also clothing that boosts their self-esteem. That's why we're proud to support these incredible charities in helping families in need:
Kindness Collective Logo
The Kindness Collective began in 2013 as a small community of friends and family. Today, their community has grown to over 50,000 people across Aotearoa and continues to expand. They assist more than 120,000 children and families annually with essentials and moments of joy through donations of time, resources, and funds. Their mission is to connect those in need with those who can offer support. They collaborate with 140+ Community Partners nationwide, including Te Whatu Ora, New Zealand Police, Iwi organizations, Social Services, schools, and early learning centres, all dedicated to helping families in need. To find out more about the Kindness Collective or what you can do to help visit:


Kids in Need Waikato logo



Kids in Need was founded to support children in care and their caregivers. Graeme and Linda Roil began fostering in 2014, primarily focusing on new-borns, emergency, and respite care for older children. They were concerned about the support for foster children and their caregivers. Kids in Need Waikato supports kids in care, aged 0-17. They provide personalized care packs thoughtfully assembled by volunteers, with items donated by the community, making a difficult time a bit easier. To find out more about Kids in Need Waikato or what you can do to help visit:


Gattung Foundation logo


The Gattung Foundation, is a women-led organisation consisting of two sisters working together to address female inequality and support our sisters throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. We've proudly donated girls garments to the Gattung Foundation Fashion Sister, alongside many other well-known New Zealand and international brands, to make fashion more accessible through their pop-up sales to women and children who face barriers to access. To find out more about the Gattung Foundation or what you can do to help visit: