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    Band of Boys

    Established in Auckland, NZ in 2013 to bring something cool for boys to wear because boys are rad, they are curious and funny as heck and they’re never afraid to be loud and crazy. They have ceaseless energy, buckets of courage and boundless imaginations. They live in the moment, are free-spirited and totally awesome and we find them completely inspirational. We think we know a thing or two about boys and we design our gear to compliment their free personalities. We do cool and comfortable and we don’t do stiff and boring.

    I started Band of Boys clothing store as I felt there was a great opportunity to do something cool for boys as there was a pretty big void in this market. It felt really natural to me to be designing stuff for boys as after growing up with two brothers and now with two sons I really think I know a thing or two about boys! I really love what I do and a huge reward for me is being able to work with my boys and include them in the process along the way; from getting their thoughts on boys clothing designs and colourways, to product testing to modelling the ranges. I am super excited about the future and seeing lots more of my ideas come to life.

    Susan x