The Good Stuff

Band of Boys + The Girl Club is a design company, where our aim is to create well-crafted pieces that will be loved and used for a long time. We aren’t interested in selling loads of stuff, we want anyone who invests in our product to believe in buying less but buying quality pieces that they know their minis will love and want to wear over and over. We are committed to being honest and taking responsibility for operating a business and maintaining a supply chain that respects the planet as well as those living on it. Our goal is to continuously improve and to treat everyone who interacts with our business with respect.

Slow Fashion

We are all about slow and sustainable fashion, and this means that we offer pieces that will still be cool and wearable well after the season is over. We create clothing that is versatile in design with fabrics that are comfortable so that they will be worn over and over again. Each piece is created with integrity and kindness from the highest-quality materials we can source, while still trying to make our garments affordable. We take a mindful and slow approach to design, producing only what is needed.

Designed in New Zealand

Each season, our New Zealand based creative director and design team, take a considered approach to creativity, reflecting on how each piece might be worn, layered and styled before putting it into production. The upshot is a collection of intelligent designs that work superbly with each other and blend seamlessly into a person’s wardrobe for seasons to come.

Our Why

At Band of Boys + The Girl Club we believe fashion isn’t just about clothes. It’s about identity, creativity, self-expression and self-love; it lifts the spirit, boosts confidence and elevates us out of the everyday. This is our passion and is what drives us to do what we do - we want our kids to not only feel comfortable but to also always feel truly themselves.

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