As we wrap up the last bit of winter, we’re naturally already looking to the bright summer ahead. And especially for us fashion folk (hi, hello, nice to meet you), we’re specifically looking at what trends have carried over from last year and what the new buzz is. We’ve done our research for you, so here’s the low-down on what we know to be the wardrobe essentials your mini will need this summer.




The Go-To Denim Shorts

This year, we’re keeping our denim game simple with a pair of go-with-anything black denim shorts. With a little bit of lycra added to the mix, these lightweight shorts are comfortable and versatile, making them the perfect wear-everywhere denim your mini will never get sick of.






The Statement Outfit

A statement print head to toe is a great way to look pulled-together, yet casual all at the same time. We love how a co-ordinated look can show your confidence and give you an instant effortless cool boy look. We are officially obsessed.






The Goes With Anything Vest

We all love an investment piece and our pick for this season is our ultra-cool denim vest. A high-quality denim piece can last years, improves with age, and makes any outfit look effortlessly cooler. If you’ve ever wondered whether a denim vest would noticeably improve your life, the answer is yes, it absolutely will.



The Simple Tee

T-shirts have the power to transform your entire wardrobe, and we suggest you add a simple style to your mini’s wardrobe so there’s something easy to throw on for those summer events that call for a more polished look.




The Super Soft Sweat Shorts

We can’t be the only ones who’ve been stocking up on loungewear lately. These unbelievably comfortable sweat shorts will easily earn a coveted spot on your mini’s list of things they wear at least three times a week.




With the summer holidays getting closer every day, we see plenty of days of lounging on the horizon. Our summer pj’s are so soft that you mini will never want to get out of them, which also makes them perfect weekend-wear options too.