Despite the fact that trends come and go every six months or so, the fundamentals of boyswear have been largely unchanged. This is no bad thing as it makes building a failsafe wardrobe each season really easy. With everything fashion, the devil, it seems, really is in the details. Here are the five important details to look out for to make their clothes pop...




Bottom line, fabric is everything. We use premium fabrications in all of our garments and we work closely with our suppliers to make sure they only use the good stuff. The better the fabric, the longer the garment will last and the better it will look after multiple washes. We know boys love getting dirty and they give their clothes a hard time, so garments made from high grade cotton really are worth it if you want them to last beyond the season. When you buy quality, you’ve also got to look after it so make sure you wash on a gentle cold cycle and dry in the shade.



We don’t all want to dress the same and that goes for boys too so let them stand out by giving them some options to work with. Not all cuts are created equal and not everyone looks their best in anything so to understand what suits your little guy the best, it’s worth doing a little experimenting. We are known for our unique and varying hem line cuts, but this isn’t all you should take notice of when it comes to a garment’s cut. We also take notice of the shoulder lengths, body width and hem lengths too and all around we aim to have garments that give the perfect fit. A garment with the right cut for your body shape will always have you winning the style stakes.




We love luxe pieces and it is the textures that really add quality and plenty of sartorial style to a garment, and of late, maximalist tailoring has become wearable thanks to tactile textures and clever contrasts. Our design motif has always been to add texture wherever possible because we reckon most boys are pretty touchable creatures and our own boys always fall in love with the garments that have texture, so why not add plenty of tactile masterpieces to their wardrobes so they can paint the town in their very own shade.






Our design usually starts with the print and the rest of the garment shapes from there, so bottom line, the illustrations we use is what defines our brand. Having a connection with what you are wearing is what personal style is all about, and isn’t that what we want our little people to grow up understanding? Let them express themselves through the graphics on their clothing and take pride in what they are wearing and give them the chance to have some fun with their fashion.




Comfort should never take away from style and both are equally important at Band of Boys. We make our garments both cool and wearable to keep our threads hitting the mark for both little people and their mums. Who doesn’t love a win win. Our kind of comfort embodies a few of the details above; our fabric is soft, stretchy cotton and our cuts have the garment silhouettes long, oversized and fashion forward. Both give way to plenty of movement which is a must have for boys. Comfort really is king.