Fresh Prints: Say Hello to Some Of Our New Prints for Autumn/Winter '24

It’s Not That Serious: a playful, colourful statement encouraging us not to take life too seriously! This print is part of our Gender Neutral range, allowing the hoods/crews to be mixed and matched with their joggers. Who said purple is just for girls and blue is only for boys.
Blah, Blah: our light hearted all over repeat print captures the essence of care-free expressionism in different colourways for boys and girls!
Cube Boy: this fun cool dude print is poised to be the season's best seller, bringing heaps of fun to your mini's wardrobe.
Flower Heart: a simple but cute repeat print, high contrast with white on black. Stylish, functional makes it easy to mix and match within your mini’s existing wardrobe.
Gradient Smile: our gradient smile items feature a vibrant green and blue squiggly smiley face print for the front, with an orange and red gradient to the back. Band of Boys smiley faces are more than just prints; they're iconic designs of self-expression!
Mint Daisy: get ready to sweeten up the season, with our super adorable flower repeat print on mint. This charming mint daisy design is destined to become a favourite in any girls' wardrobes.
Keep Shinin’: introducing another Band of Boys iconic smiley face design, this cool contrasting white print stands out on vibrant blue.
Flame Guy: the flaming hot gradient of our Flame Guy print makes a bold statement, especially on tie-dye and dip-dye options, ensuring it stands out with fiery style!
Cool to Be Kind: embrace positivity with our 'Cool to Be Kind' print, empowering girls with a positive affirmation that radiates confidence and compassion. Because it is ALWAYS cool to be kind!
Check out these and many more new prints in our new season for Autumn/Winter ’24.