We believe in buying consciously, buying less, and most importantly only buying clothes you intend to get lots of wear out of.

Our clothes are made to be worn over and over again all season long, so it’s important that we let you know how to best take care of them, as we know they are going to need to be washed a lot! Take note of these helpful tips on how to wash and care for your pieces, but don’t forget that the most important instructions are on the garment itself as not all of our garments are made from the same type of fabric.
How to deal with Stains

It’s best to spot clean stains as soon as possible (or ideally straight away!) and be gentle with them, use a wet clean cloth to press the stain out with another cloth underneath the stained area, and try not to rub the stain as it can deteriorate some fabrics. If the stain is a persistent one, we recommend soaking the garment prior to putting in the wash.

Use a natural detergent that is free of harsh chemicals, artificial colours, fragrances and dyes. Make sure you also only use a small amount of detergent - this is good for your garments and even better for the environment. Detergents
Washing A large number of our garments are made from 100% cotton which is a natural fibre so they’re not only comfortable and breathable but they’re also really durable. To help your rad garment last the distance it’s best to machine wash cold with like colours and only wash full loads to save energy and our precious water resources. If your garment has a screenprint on it, we recommend turning these pieces inside out before washing them and also steer clear of fabric softener, as this may cause the print to break down.
For best results for both the environment and the garment, line dry your pieces in the shade in a well-ventilated area. We wouldn’t recommend using a tumble drier as the heat is really harsh on clothes and it can shrink and damage your cotton. If your garment has a specific shape you would like to maintain – lay it flat to dry where possible. Drying


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