We all have our own way of wearing clothes and individuality is where fashion is at these days so let your boys stand out by giving them some options to work with. Not all cuts are created equal and not everyone looks their best in everything so to understand what suits your little guy the best, it’s worth getting to know our unique and varying hem line cuts. It’s not just the hem lines that are important to us, the overall cut of our tees is something we take time to consider. Our aim is to create the perfect fit in each and every one of our tees.



This cut is anything but boring because we’ve made sure these tees are the perfect length without having to upsize, this means that this tee will fit you like a glove and will help you create a super polished outfit.



You could say this cut is the cousin of the straight hem tee because it’s kind of the same but just a bit different. With just a touch of extra width in the body, this cut just gives you a more relaxed, slouchy look. It’s perfect for pairing with skinny pants.



This cut is a real crowd pleaser as the shorter front and longer curved back panel creates a great proportion and gives the tee some movement and playfulness. We can almost guarantee you’ll get compliments on your style when you step out wearing a scoop back tee. The extra length in the back makes it the perfect tee for winter layering as you’re guaranteed to always see the bottom of the tee poking out from under your crew.



One of our faves in boys clothes, this cut will show that you aren’t afraid to do your own thing. A bit curved and shorter at the front and longer at the back and on one side, it’s a super fun cut and again, it is an awesome layering partner.



Something a little more sophisticated for the older boys as these tees go up to a size 16. This cut is super rad to wear on its own as well as being perfect for layering with a longer panel at the back.