We caught up with Candice Attwell aka @Candiceattwell, the incredible mum to Quinn and Reef...

Candice Attwell


We love following you on Instagram!  Please share with our readers a little about your boy Quinn.

Quinn is almost 3. He has a great sense of humour, my husband and I are constantly laughing at everything he says.

He loves to play ice hockey with his dad and likes to use me as a race track for his hot wheels cars haha. He has such a big heart for his friends and family. We are so proud of him!



Boys rule... Tell us your 3 most loveable or curious things about having boys.

ONE - Boys give the best snuggles! Mine are for sure mamas boys.
TWO - There is never a quiet moment. We must always shout apparently 😂
THREE - I always wanted boys. It is such an honour to raise them and let them know boys can show their emotions too.

What else inspires you as a woman and as a mama?

My friends. I have some amazing woman in my life. They uplift, support and show up when I need them. Being a mum is hard work, having some of my best friends walking through journey with me helps a lot.

What is Quinn's favourite item in his wardrobe?

Honesty, he’s a PJ kid. He Loves Pyjamas.



Which is your favourite Band of Boys garment this season and why is it your fave?

I love the double lightning pocket skinny trackies! As soon as I saw them I knew they would look epic on Quinn, you can pair them with anything. I also have my eye on the Lightning sunnies Repeat Oversized Crew. So cool!



What's your favourite garment Quinn owns?

I'm a sucker for a good beanie and vans. SO cute!



What is your favourite texture in our AW21 range and why?

Fleece! Give me all the fleece for winter. So cosy.



What would you say is Quinn's staple item in his wardrobe?

Black tees. You can pair them with anything!

What item does Quinn have the most of in his wardrobe?

Socks. Boring I know, but he would prefer to be barefoot 90% of the time. He is a wild boy.

We think it is important that clothes also represent your personality, what item in Quinn's wardrobe best represents him?

For me it’s not so much colour it’s more the fit of something. Oversized tees and ice hockey jerseys. It goes with his curly hair 🥰



Do you have an all time favourite item from Band of Boys?

I bought the entire baby collection for Quinn a few years back, the bananas and cat collection. I still have it waiting for Reef to wear. It's my absolute favourite.


Each season, how do you choose Quinn's items for his wardrobe?

I start with neutral pants and tops, then layer bright and bold cardigans and jackets. Anything oversized!


What would you like to see from Band of Boys?

I asked Quinn and he said trucks and ice cream. You heard it here first. Your best collection yet inspired by trucks haha. 



Which is your favourite season, Winter or Summer?

I can't choose!