Varsity Vibes: The Band of Boys Varsity Jacket is the Jacket of the Season!

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Band of Boys Varsity Jacket

The Band of Boys Varsity Jacket is the jacket of the season! Drawing inspiration from the iconic American College jackets, this latest addition will become an investment piece for your mini's wardrobe. The varsity jacket dates back to 1865 Harvard University baseball , where they would sew a large 'H' onto the front of their team uniforms. These uniforms were for the most prestigious of players. By the early 1900s, students began wearing 'letterman' cardigans and pullovers, donning large, embroidered 'H’s. From the 1930s is what we know as varsity jackets. Sportsmen wanted heavier clothing to combat the cold, so buttons were added to wool jackets along with leather sleeves. The letter moved to one side, and the letterman jacket became a status symbol within universities. Sportsmen had to earn their letter through performance on the field, and once you got it, it was sewn onto the jacket; it was very serious. Starting through the most prestigious Ivy League colleges, flowing through to high schools and other colleges in America. It was during this time the term 'varsity jacket' was coined. By the '80s, the varsity jacket's popularity exploded thanks to American sports franchises. Today, the varsity jacket keeps reinventing itself as a timeless fashion piece. Even just recently, we can see these style jackets trending at New York Fashion Week from the Tommy Hilfiger show. 

Varsity Jackets Tommy Hilfiger

Taking inspiration straight from the catwalk, we've put our unique spin on the classic varsity jacket. Join the Band of Boys class of '24 with this standout piece. The jacket boasts a vibrant blue hue, complemented by crisp white sleeves and adorned with intricate embroidery and a chenille '24' detail on the front. Adding to its cool factor is the Cube Guy rubber patch, a recurring design theme throughout AW24 and; along with an embroidered smiley face on the sleeve. Flip it over, and you'll find a striking green smiley face rubber patch on the back, accompanied by additional embroidery.

Designed for maximum warmth, the jacket is padded and equipped with convenient snap buttons and dual slip pockets, ensuring comfort without sacrificing style. Crafted from 100% recycled polyester, it not only keeps your mini snug but also reflects our commitment to sustainability. The intentional oversize fit allows your mini to layer up underneath for added warmth on chilly winter days. We recommend pairing the jacket with our Taper Vintage Blue Jeans for an effortlessly cool look, and layer up underneath with the Blue Keep Shinin' Tee for extra warmth. 

Band of Boys Varsity Jacket

Embrace the season with a perfect blend of warmth, flair, and a hint of nostalgia as your mini effortlessly rocks this iconic piece!