We have all read about ethical manufacturing and sustainable materials, but what does it really mean and what are we doing at Band of Boys + The Girl Club about it? Here's how we see things.

Before that cool new outfit arrived on your doorstep, it was harvested, spun, dyed, cut, assembled and packed by many hands. Consider that everyone in this chain deserves to make a fair wage, so it should be no surprise that our prices aren't at the bottom end of the market. Fast fashion has taken us all by storm this past decade or so, and maybe our wallets have thanked us, but our environment and the workers in this industry have been left to suffer. It can be hard to compete with these retailers who price things as cheaply as single use items, but here's why we actually don't even try.

We are all about slow and sustainable fashion, this means that we offer on-trend kids clothes that will still be stylish and wearable well after the season is over. We create clothing that is versatile in design with fabrics that are comfortable; each piece is created with integrity and kindness from the highest-quality materials we can source, while still trying to make our garments affordable. We take a mindful and slow approach to design, producing only what is needed.

You will find that 98% of cotton pieces from our collections are made from high grade 100% cotton which is spectacularly soft and endures through seasons of washing and wearing without pilling, shrinking, or looking 10 years old after a few washes!

We take great care in the selection of our factory partners in India and China and we keep working conditions and ethical practices a forefront priority. We aim to build strong personal relationships with our factory owners to ensure their factory's integrity and we visit our friends as often as we can. We are committed to respecting and valuing the rights of workers in all countries and believe in the right to fair and safe workplace conditions.

We are dedicated to quality manufacturing, we don't look for the cheapest suppliers, we choose to partner with factories who are committed to making high quality garments and who are interested in working with us on continuous improvement; so you know one of your Band of Boys + The Girl Club pieces will last you through a number of seasons.

We care for our environment so we use sustainable materials where we can. Our garments come packaged from our factories in biodegradable bags and we take care to use either paper packaging or reusable packaging when we send our goods out to you from our warehouse. Our local courier bags are 100% compostable too.

Band of Boys + The Girl Club is a family owned business and we always choose to support other local businesses or individuals when we need packaging, printed collateral and other support services. We have chosen to keep our capital in the business so that we can provide jobs for awesome people and ultimately be able to grow the company and deliver more cool stuff to you guys, our customers!

By now we all know that the negative impacts of fast fashion reach far and wide, and leave us cringing,⁠ so start saying no, and instead consider the cost per wear equation of slow fashion. It really is the better investment.