10 Years of BOB: Q&A With Mum Amy & BOB's 'Biggest Fan' Duke!

This year marks a significant milestone for us - we’re celebrating 10 incredible years of Band of Boys!

10 year old Duke entered the search for Band of Boys' 'Biggest Fan' and was luckily chosen! We were all blown away by his amazing collection, but what also impressed us was that his Mum, Amy, would often pass on pieces because they still looked like new. We love this and feel that it truly resonates with our slow fashion ethos.

We asked Duke and Amy what they love about BOB:

How did you first discover Band of Boys, and what initially attracted you to the brand? 
One of our friends that had older boys introduced us to the brand as Duke thought his t-shirt was the best ever!

Over the years, what specific qualities or features of Band of Boys' clothing have kept you coming back for more?
For Duke, it's the new designs every season that he loves. From Amy's point of view, it's the quality of the clothing that he wears until he grows out of it, and they still have plenty of life left to pass them on for others to enjoy.

Are there specific Band of Boys' designs or collections that stand out as your favourites, and why?

Duke's favourite season was Summer 2022/2023, the colours and designs were great. 

How has Band of Boys contributed to your children’s self-expression and confidence through clothing?
Duke has always been particular about what he likes to wear, especially concerning colour, design, and style. He enjoys the autonomy of exploring the Band of Boys website at the start of each season, where it is easy to match colourways and navigate the layout. The quick arrival of each package makes it effortless for him to put together outfits. With Band of Boys, he has discovered an effortlessly cool style that is comfortable and easy to wear, perfect for a busy, on-the-go boy.

In your opinion, what sets Band of Boys apart from other boys' clothing brands in the market?
Amazing quality and fun designs that are not childish but age appropriate across all the sizes you stock. The seasons/designs are also so easy to incorporate together so items get worn year round. 

As a long-time customer, do you have any suggestions or wishes for the future of Band of Boys? 
Keep doing what your doing, we love BOB ❤️

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Duke BOBs Biggest Fan