Are you craving a more minimalist wardrobe for your mini in 2021?

Are you itching to replace tired and worn-out pieces from fast fashion brands, the kind of items that weren’t made to last? It’s time to start fresh. New season, new approach, new wardrobe.

Here, in 7 easy steps, we break down how to achieve this minimal approach to dressing—for 2021 and the years to come. This is the kind that won’t bore you or break the bank. In fact, these options will inspire you to prioritise shopping for pieces that will last longer. These looks rebel against what’s shiny and new and focus instead on thoughtful details, quality fabrics and interesting textures.
Check out the below to find out what our 7 steps to building the essential minimalist wardrobe are...

Step 1:

The Practical Jacket 

The prime example of an investment piece that will never go out of style is a classic jacket that you can wear for any occasion. We don’t believe in saving clothes for good – ‘if you love it, wear it’ is our philosophy so our jacket pick of the season has to be our faux fur navy jacket. This jacket will go with everything and will keep you super warm and comfortable no matter what you’re doing. 


Step 2:

The Slouchy Crew

An oversized crew is key to any minimalist’s winter wardrobe—just open Instagram if you don’t believe us. They’re utterly simple yet powerfully cool and our Bandits red viper hood is the perfect example and the black base colour means it will go with anything. 


Zip Hood

Step 3:

The Zip Hood Crew

When the occasion calls for layers, anything with a zip will do just the trick. Offering great versatility, your mini can wear this however they want – build up the layers on those bitterly cold days or throw it on over a tee when you’re not sure what the day is going to call for.


Step 4:

The Everyday Tee

Get your mini to pick their favourite tee and we guarantee they’ll find a way to make it work with everything. We all look our best when we wear things we love.


Step 5:

The Wear-Forever Foundations

Finding the perfect basics is often a never-ending search. The search stops here with minimalist wardrobe heroes, including our stretch skinny jeans, our vintage blue skinny trackies and our crouching tiger longsleeve tee. Made to be worn with everything, your mini will be reaching for these pieces on repeat all season long.


Step 6:

The Versatile Trackpant

You can rely on a skinny trackie for any occasion. Appropriate for weekends, and even when dressing up a little is called for, a pair of versatile trackies is the minimalist’s solution for everywhere style. Choose a pair that matches one of our crews for the ultimate statement outfit, but that are also neutral enough to wear with other pieces in your kit.


Step 7:

The Wearable Art

The finishing touches come in the form of a statement piece that you know is completely your mini’s vibe. Nothing completes a neutral colour palette better than strikingly bold colours and prints. Our pick for the season is the Lightning Sunnies oversize crew – this is definitely our version of wearable art.