Yuki has been our incredible photographer and is part of our Band. 

Yuki brings an edge to our photographs that we love and even manages to wrangle the kids which is a very unique skill. We wanted to learn a little more about Yuki and where her inspiration came from…


Hi Yuki! Could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Yuki; I'm using a Japanese name as my English name, but my ethnicity is Chinese, and I can speak some basic Korean. 


How did your interest in photography begin?

I can't really recall how my interest for photography started, but I think it was always around me... At first it was a subject in school, later on cell phones with decent cameras were introduced and I just loved using that function to record my daily life. 

But for me to take photography more seriously, it wasn't until one of my friends bought a Fujifilm mirrorless camera (at that time, mirrorless was only starting to take off) and I was so amazed by the quality of the photos, I decided to get one for myself too.


Did you do a course to start you in photography?

No course was taken during this process, it all started off as a hobby; I just took photos of the things I love (coffee / food / interiors) and I was very lucky to be given paid jobs later on from people that found me on Instagram.


Besides photography do you have any hobbies, something you like to do in your free time?

In my free time I love going around to cafes. Photography is one thing that I would love to pursue for the rest of my life, the other has to be coffee. 

I love drinking the beverage, I love the atmosphere in coffee places, I love talking to people that work in cafes... I might want to open a café in (I don't know how many years’ time), but I really want to.


When was your first photoshoot with band of boys?

From my vague memory, I think it was the beginning of 2021; I took photos of the boys for the 2021 Autumn / Winter launch. They were in very warm and cozy-looking winter outfits and I was sweating in my t-shirt haha.


Which is your all-time favourite picture whilst working with Band of Boys?

I don't think I can choose only 1 favourite photo because I love many of them. 

If I really have to choose, I would say it is from the most recent shoot in Parnell Baths; the one of Tyler and Ben standing on their skateboards with a clear blue sky behind them. The blue is really pleasing.


Natural vs artificial light – What is your preference?

This is a hard one...

If I own a good outdoor flash, then I would probably say artificial light...

But because I don't, so natural light it is. 


What has been your favourite all time picture? Any picture!

I feel like I don't really have an all-time favourite picture as my style continues to change...

I can be shooting in a certain style this month and next month I see something that I really like and I start shooting in a different style etc. My weakness is that I can't stay with a specific style for too long. 


What type of camera do you use? What lens do you use more often and why?

I'm currently using a Sony A7M3, and for work I use the 24-70 GM lens the most. The reason being is the lens can allow me to zoom in and out very quickly. 

On my off days, I choose to carry around either a 35mm or 55mm prime lens as they are more compact.


Which is your preference - Studio shoot, or outdoor?

I have always enjoyed shooting on locations, as there is only so much that can be done in a studio.

But I'm saying that because I don't have access to one (haha). I'm learning to get more comfortable in a studio environment and hopefully I will get more opportunities in one!


Who is your favourite photographer?

For now, my inspirations include Min Hyun-woo, Zhang Ahuei, Issac Lam just to name a few.

I have been discovering so many amazing photographers from across the globe and hoping I can reach their level of skills one day.


What is your favourite item the Band of Boys created that you have photographed?

This is another hard question... 

I think the winner goes to a *hoodie* Tyler wore in Parnell Baths.

As *it* is probably my most favourite color. 

*Hidden information about our upcoming season!*


What software do you use to process your images? Do you usually use some presets? Which ones?

I am using Lightroom Classic to edit for most cases, and sometimes Photoshop if I have to do something that LR is not capable of doing.

If I have a specific look going on in my mind, I will try to google how to achieve that look and if the tutorial works, I will create a preset for that (and hoping it will work for other cases too). 

My preset library is the first thing I go through after I have selected my images; to see if I can put any of them to work or do I have to do some googling. I do realise that the 'film-look' is a trend right now so I also jumped on the bandwagon.


What are the key elements in your opinion for a great shot?

A great shot for me is when I look at it, I know that it will work (it is kind of hard to explain, but I would say it is a feeling... like a photographer's instinct?)

From a more professional perspective, people would say it is the composition, the light and shadow, the subject, the storytelling, the gear etc. 


Do you enjoy editing or photographing more?

Definitely when I'm actually photographing! I love moving around more than sitting in front of the computer the whole day...But I gotta do what I gotta do.


If you could do a photoshoot anywhere in the world where would it be?

Recently I saw some 80s and 90s inspired shoots on Instagram and I thought, it would be hella awesome if I can do that too! And I would love to do it back in my hometown of Guangzhou, China. 

Take a model out on location to some of the famous long-standing structures and shoot away.


What is the hardest place you have ever had a photoshoot?

The hardest place is always one when the ambient light wants to fight your white balance settings...

I struggle with that from time to time and once it happened when I was shooting some launch event indoors, and they had this very unpleasant yellow-orange light that messed up my white balance...

What would be your advice to anyone wanting to start out in photography?

It is not the gear, cheap gear doesn't mean bad photos and vice-versa, expensive gear doesn't mean great photos.

If you have the eye for it, no matter what gear you're on, you will get something out of it.

Learn by observing what others have done and try to reproduce them if you can. We all learn by copying but eventually you will find your own style. 


What has been your favourite moment working with Band of Boys?

I know it is weird but I felt super alive when I was chasing after the boys to get my shot during the photoshoots.  Love their energy (although it comes fast and goes just as fast).