Let's talk textures AW23!

Fashion has always loved texture. But if there was anyone that loved texture more, it’d be kids! There’s different textures to feed every imagination, and that’s exactly what we’ve done with our AW23 collection.









Luxe materials + added extras

There's nothing better than luxe materials – like soft muslin, knitted organic cotton and hardy corduroy – patches, embroidery, and more to help every mini to find their fit.











Get cosy and comfortable

Soft fabrics and plush jackets are the ultimate way to still look cool as the months get cooler. Faux sherling, soft corduroy, furry fleece add a cosy and playful touch to winter jackets.










Add knits to your outfit

Fabric knits are a perfect way to explore different textures. From cable knit beanies, woven waffle dresses, or knitted organic cotton cardigans – your mini will be feeling good all day and keeping warm into the night as the layers are added.









Finishing touches

Embroidery, patches, and textured cuffs add a quality touch that elevates the look and feel of any outfit. Look out for unique illustrations and bold designs that let your mini look great, build confidence, and tell their own fashion story.