To be honest, I don’t really like winter.  The cold, the damp, the stuck-in-side vibes just aren’t fun, not to mention the extra effort required to keep my boys entertained! The only thing good about the winter season are the fabulous clothes we get to wear, so here are a few tips on dressing your minis as the weather turns cold.

L A Y E R  U P

Who doesn’t love a good layered outfit and undoubtedly winter is the best time to create these cool bundled up looks. If your boys are anything like mine they're always on the go; inside one minute then outside the next, no matter what the weather is doing. They go from being cold to being hot in a matter of minutes - you know what I mean right? In this situation layers are your friend so you never get caught out.

Begin with the basics like a good quality skinny track pant and team it with a long or short sleeve tee depending on your climate. We love our tees with extra length or with a scoop back hem so that once you put a crew on top you can see this underneath layer. This next layer is where you can have the most fun so go wild and choose a crew with a pop of colour or with some cool texture. Finish the layered look off with a neutral sleeveless hood or jacket that sits just at hip height to give the outfit perfect polish. Playing around with the proportions of each garment will keep the look perfectly on trend.

B U T  D O N ' T  O V E R  D O  I T

Yes layers are everything, but make sure you stick to these basic rules as we want to keep our minis warm and toasty but they don’t want to be uncomfortable – comfort is everything for boys!

    • If you are really wanting to layer right up then keep all layers as thin as possible so that the warmth comes from the combined effort of the clothes, but your mini isn’t restricted by too much bulk. This also gives you plenty of options to peel back layers to keep your little person at the perfect temperature.
      • For those days where you need some serious warmth I have found the best thing is to invest in a thin merino long sleeve tee as the base layer. That ticks the warm and cosy box and you can then roam through the rest of their wardrobe to select pieces that tick the style box.
        • I know it’s tempting to buy clothes a few sizes too big so they get that extra wear but everything always looks best when it fits right, and when layering, clothes that fit perfectly will give you the best results. We prefer to buy less and buy well so that each garment gets the best wear each season and any pieces that have survived the wear and tear of my boys are always saved to hand down to a brother, cousin or friend.
          D O N ' T  B E  D U L L

          I know the minimalist look is the fashion du jour but let’s be honest, our kids have huge personalities and just because we are happy to dress in black most days, it doesn’t mean our minis are as keen. Let them be wild while they can pull it off and inject a little or a lot of colour and pattern to their street style, even if it's just a cheeky bright tee peeking out from under a black crew. If you want to take things to the next level then don’t be shy to mix your patterns. The simple rule here to keep in mind is to mix large patterns with small patterns. For example pair a placement print tee with an all over print pair of trackies, or a large scale all over print tee with a small scale all over print pair of trackies. Keep the colours to the same tone or colour palette and you won’t go wrong.

          T H E  F I N I S H I N G  T O U C H

          To complete the look, nothing beats a rad beanie or cap. My boys love their accessories and this is the season to have fun with their headwear so make sure you have tons of hip hop caps, slouch beanies and woolly beanies on rotation. 

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