We caught up with Brie Stanley aka @briexthree an events stylist, blogger and uber mama of three on her life as a mum of boys, her personal style and what inspires her in life and motherhood. Not only will you love her super adorable kids, her feed will have you wanting to steal your way in to her perfectly styled home! Read on to learn more about this gorgeous and talented lady.

We love following you on Instagram!  Please share with your readers a little about you and who you are, and of course who you are mama to!

My name is Brie and I'm mama to 3 kids (2 boys and a girl) Noa 8, Sage 6 and Kingston 4.  My husband and I met in high school and started dating 20 years ago!! (Married 12)! We had all our babes in Cronulla (south beaches of Sydney), however, have lived the last 2.5 years in Sydney's inner west. My Instagram is mainly just a journal of our everyday lives, combined with my love for kid’s fashion and a few floral, party and inspiration pics along the way. My mum and I run our own events business called Sugarcoated Events. We make invitations and style parties, weddings etc. you can have a look at the hashtag #sugarcoatedevents on Instagram. We love the beach, exploring Sydney and catching up with friends.

Boys rule.  Tell us your 3 most loveable or curious things about having boys

Firstly, I love how boys love their mama! Well my boys! Always kissing and cuddling and wanting to marry me! I love it! I love how adventurous they are too! The boys age gap is closing in a bit now that Kingston is 4 and they have a lot of the same interests like Ninja turtles, building lego and playing sport.

Kingston is also very much run by the mini mum in the house (Sage) and they also have a different and sweet relationship too!

Can you share a precious mama- son moments you’ve had recently?

Sure! Actually, my son Noa had been playing up a bit and being rude. After I had words with him and told him how I was feeling he went in his room and made me a love heart shaped book called "The book of love" I will treasure this for ever!

What are your ‘can’t live without’ things to make life with boys easier?

For my youngest, lots of colouring in books, paper and pens, he loves creating and it’s handy if we go out for dinner! For Noa, an AFL ball and those bloody fidget spinners!!!

What do you feel are the 3 most versatile garments in a boy’s wardrobe?

Always black skinny jeans and white or grey t-shirt! They team up so well with everything! Any colour sweat can go on top and all shoes match too! Always a great bomber jacket to throw over when we go out too!

What are your top mum style go-to outfits?

A bit of a tomboy myself, so I am definitely the skinny jeans and a tee too! Most days after school drop off I am at the gym so I am always in active wear Monday to Friday. As in the picture I'm loving overalls at the moment too but feeling I may have hit my age limit in this? You decide?

Where do you get your personal style inspiration from?

I guess my mum, she has always been a classic dresser, always pastel or neutral colours and always on trend. I did pick up some style inspiration living in London years ago! They seem to be so much more adventurous with clothing!

What else inspires you as a woman and as a mama?

Forever inspired by the Instagram world! So many clever people out there and all accessible by the touch of a finger! I am inspired by the working woman! I do a bit here and there from home but the thought of having to be at the office by 8 with all kids out the door and at school and lunches packed etc gives me anxiety! I think women are so tough on each other, either working mums not being involved at school or vice versa but really, we are all just trying to survive and do our best in this thing called Motherhood! 

Thanks for having me xx b

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