When it comes to boys clothes it’s almost impossible to go wrong with a classic, whether it’s a well-cut crew or a street cred worthy bomber. But what happens when you add clever layering and a dose of fresh sartorial chemistry? That’s where the modern-day magic begins.

You don’t have to be a minimalist to appreciate well-cut, versatile staples. And yes, you can believe in the value of monochromatic basics while also lusting after the next big statement piece. Minimalism and maximalism can make the perfect pairing - it’s just all down to the styling. This is where successful layering is key. Complementing clean-cut staples with a few considered touches, or a completely novel combination, can take an outfit from conventional to exceptional. ‘Reverse layering’ (i.e. wearing pieces that would usually be considered as outer layers underneath another item) might take you out of your comfort zone, but when it’s done right, it looks incredibly chic and uncontrived.

There are some very practical reasons to familiarize yourself with the art of layering. Most pertinent is the role it plays in making your closet staples work a little harder – which ultimately means a more sustainable approach to getting dressed, too. By reinvigorating tired wardrobe go-tos and removing the seasonal associations of certain garments, timeless and well-made pieces can be worn all year round.

Here, Susan Vaz shares her tips for wearing some key pieces for many seasons to come.

“While the bomber jacket gives that little bit of an ‘extra’ finish to every look, you should treat it as you would a comfortable cardigan: it’s as much a casual piece as it is a power piece. Add a hoodie underneath for a practical off-duty update and keep it oversized and relaxed."


“The sleeveless hood has always been a layering essential, but now it’s time to take it to another level. The cool way to wear a sleeveless piece is not simply over a graphic tee, but over your favourite crew. However, our suggestion, for an edgier attitude, wear it over another hoodie.”


“I don’t believe in saving clothes for ‘good. If you love it, wear it – whenever and wherever you like. If you love it, wear it perfectly applies to our statement making rain jacket. The ultimate cover-up, it lends personality to everything. Thanks to its oversized nature it’s easy to throw over any outfit, any time. After all, this is winter, and we all deserve to feel a bit fabulous.”