With the onset of Winter it is time to switch out your boys shorts for pants. Luckily Band of Boys trackies are no less comfy and with 5 different styles of pants to choose from your little people will look smart no matter which option suits them best. We thought it was fitting to take the time to introduce you our range of trackies and pants.



Our harem trackies are super comfy and are made to move in because, let’s face it, boys never like to sit still. We’ve made sure we’ve got the balance right with a generous drop crotch and a nice slim leg so that the style doesn’t overwhelm your little person’s frame. These pair perfectly with the oversized crews for a super slouchy look.





These trackies are a classic cut, a little bit old school you could say, but we’ve made sure they won’t let your boys down in the style stakes by giving them the perfect taper in the leg. With no extra bulk through the calf and ankle, we aren’t kidding when we say we love a skinny leg cut.




The coolest trackies you have ever seen with the perfect fit and taper in the leg. We always keep the prints on these trackies pretty tame so that the panel stitching detail can shine. For a fresh and classic outfit our style tip for kids is to match these with a bold crew.




These pants are made to be worn when you just need comfort above all else – we’ve made them with a mid-weight jersey cotton elastane fabric so they’re a bit more lightweight than our trackies. A slightly wider cut in the leg and a generous drop crotch lets boys really move and play however they want with no restrictions, just the way boys clothes should. Let the fun begin.




The best jeans you’ll ever find basically. Your little person will love them as they are stretchy and comfortable, and you will love them because they are a true skinny cut and make achieving the perfect outfit super easy. These jeans are everything we love about jeans, without the parts that boys hate. Best paired with an oversize top.


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